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You will NOT be able to edit tags in the system once the sale begins     You may continue to tag for the sale mid-week drop off.   
 STEP 4:
Attaching your TAG



(see exceptions below)

(hangers will not be returned)

         NOTE: When you are pinning the tags on your items, look at the front of the garment.

   •  Pin tag on the upper right side as
       you look at the garment.     

  • Pin sets together by:

1) hang shirt on hanger

2) turn the shirt so the back is facing you

3) pin the pants to the shoulders of the shirt with 2 safety pins, catching the hanger of both sides for secure support.

  • Onesies, sleepers, gowns sell best in multiples placed in sealable bags.
  • NOTE: We reserve the right to inspect sealed bags. If items are unacceptable they will be returned on pick-up date. Please DO NOT put stained items in bags!
  •  PJs, cotton shorts, cotton pants sell best on hangers
  • adult pants may be hung on pant hangers (best) or folded over hangers 

       NOTE: Once your tag is secured to your clothing, to ensure that tags do not fall off  your items, place a piece of tape over the safety pin. ( Not mandatory) PLEASE DO NOT OVER TAPE THE PINS ON THE TAGS!!!!!!! We suggest unless you are having trouble keeping the shirt on the hanger do not pin the shoulders on the hanger.



    • Pin shoes together with a safety pin or zip tie, or place in a ziploc bag.
    • Pin the price tag to the safety pin that is holding the shoes together or tape to bag.
    • Please NO shoe boxes.



    • Pin price tag on all items when possible
    • Secure tag onto item with packing tape. 
    • Please do NOT use scotch tape
    • Toys should include all parts
    • Tiny toys or toys sold together MUST be placed in a Ziploc bag and the tag securely taped to the bag
    • Toys with multiple pieces, place the pieces in a Ziploc bag and attach securely to the main toy
    • If toys have multiple bags, please indicate 1 of 2 bags, 2 of 2, etc.
    • Toys requiring batteries, must have new batteries- THEY WILL BE CHECKED AND REMOVED IF NOT WORKING.

    NOTE: When using Ziploc Bags: In addition to your price tag taped to your bag, please write your consignor number with a permanent marker on the bag (this ensures that if for some reason your tag is torn off, we are still able to sell it.)



    Miscellaneous items must be placed in Zip-Loc styled bags with the price tag securely attached to the bag (in the quantity you wish to sell):

    • Bibs
    • Small blankets
    • Socks
    • Onesies
    • Any small items
    • Crib bedding (sets only) placed in original-like bag

    NOTE: When using Ziploc Bags: In addition to your price tag taped to your bag, please write your consignors number with a permanent marker on the bag (this ensures that if for some reason your bag is torn off,  we are still able to sell it.) 

    STEP 5

      Sort your clothes by gender & size


    NOTE:  We will NOT accept worn, torn, stained, or items with heaving pilling or cigarette odor.  If your items are not accepted, please DO NOT take it personally, these items just will NOT sell!


    STEP 1:  
    Get Organized

    Gather the following SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED (mandatory items in red):

    • MUST use  WHITE/OFF WHITE (please no colored paper) card stock paper (no textured or fuzzy paper) when using the online tagging system.  (normal paper will not work, and will not be accepted).  NOTE :Any paper heavier than mentioned above may damage your printer


    • Safety pins  NO STRAIGHT PINS
    • Packing tape (NO SCOTCH TAPE- will not secure your tags to your items)
    • Various size resealable bags
    STEP 2:

    Categorize your items
    (clothes, games, books, etc.)

    Why is this important?  It will allow you to skip several fields when entering info to make time go faster. Be sure to separate clothes by gender. 

    STEP 3:

    Entering your TAG info:

      1. Once you have registered log into the system by clicking the Online tagging system  here , choose which sale,and then log in as a return user. It will bring up your name and consignor number, press register me (you are simply verifying that you are participating in that particular sale)

       2.  Select the "Enter Items" tab at the top of the screen.  

    NOTE:  If you make a mistake on an item  instead of deleting the item (which will delete that item number) put info for another item.  Once you delete an item, you can NOT get that item number back nor can you re-number your items once you begin. 

      3.  Note that your consignor number auto-populates into the "Seller Number" field.    

      4.  Use the drop down menus to select "Size", "Price" (REQUIRED) and "Category" . 
      NOTE: Items must be priced at $1.00 minimum    

      5.   Fill in the description area with basic info about the item (Old Navy blue sweater, etc). It is best if you include color, brand and other identifying details to help identify your item in case your tag and item become separated. (REQUIRED) 

     6. "Discount Box" check yes if you choose to allow the item to sell for 1/2 price on designated half-off sale day. ( Must be designated on the original pre-printed tag - no white out.)  

     NOTE : If the item will NOT be 50% it will be indicated by saying "Discount  NO"

     7.  "Donate Box" check yes if you choose to allow the item to be donated, if unsold, at the conclusion of the sale. Before drop off, if you decide you do not want to donate, you must reprint the tag. NO WHITE OUT  

     8.  Review your information, then click "Add Item". The entered item will appear as part of your inventory list at the bottom of the page.

      9. Once you are ready to print the tagging system, will walk you through the process  NOTE:  Price tags will print 8 to a page. Print in normal not best quality to insure the bar code will scan.
    10. After printing your first page, look at your tag and m
    ake sure the bar-code is clear and is not excessively dark or too light (use ‘normal’ setting when printing – NOT BEST quality)

    •   Now it's time to attach your tags to your items.

    Go  to the top of page for Step 4 


     NOTE:  You will only be paid the amount on the price tag not, not what is on the computer OR inventory sheet.

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