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Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Who can become a consignor?

A: Anyone can consign their items.

Q: How do I sign up to consign?

A: New Consignors can register online

Meanwhile,  get a jump start by gathering & organizing your items for tagging.

Q: Do consignors get to shop early?

A: Yes, consignors will shop before the general public. Please refer to the Sneak Peak Sale times on the “Consignor’s Corner” page.

Q: Are children allowed at the presale?

A: Children are not allowed at presales due to the number of shoppers. This is for their safety. Infants are allowed with their mothers in slings or back packs.

Q: May I bring a container to hold my items in while I shop?

A: You may bring a laundry or wicker basket. We have large Ikea bags for your convience.

Q: What percentage of the sales does a consignor receive?

A: Consignors will receive 70% of their sales less a $10 consignor fee that is deducted from their profit. Remember volunteers receive a higher percentage! Sign up to volunteer

Q: Who does the pricing?

A: You will price your own items.  Please refer to the Tagging Items page for details in creating your tags.

Q: What price should I put on an item?

A: Price your items according to the amount you would pay for that item.  Remember, name brands will sell at a higher price than other items.

Q: How much can I expect to sell?

A: This all depends on the number of shoppers throughout the week.  So, Please tell all your friends.  The more shoppers, the more money you can possibly make.

Q: How long does drop off take?

A: Please allow 30-45 minutes for drop-off.
of your items will be checked thoroughly. Heavily used or clothing with stains, rips or buttons will be returned to you. Toys with batteries will be tested.  If you are unable to wait, you may leave your items and return at a later time to pick-up your consignor pass and your guest pass if you have 25 acceptable items.

Q: When will I receive my passes to shop early?

A: All consignors will receive their passes after they have completed a waiver and their items have been checked in. 

Q: When and where is drop-off?

A: Drop-off occurs at the location of the store.

Q: When do I pick up my unsold items?

A: All unsold items must be picked up the day after the last day of the sale, please see consignor page for date.  All items remaining after designated pick-up time will be donated to a local organization chosen by All About Kids/All About Grownups. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Please do not call after the end of designated pick-up time requesting your items.

Q: What if I am unable to pick up my items?

A: You may designate someone to pick up your items and they must sign for your items. Please let us know in advance if someone will be picking up your items.

Q: Will I have to sort through the store picking out my items?

A: No, your items will be sorted for you by consignor numbers.

Q: When will I receive my check?

A: Our plan is to offer your checks at pick-up time. However, due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances we reserve the right to have up to two weeks to get your checks to you.

Q: Where can I purchase safety pins?

A: Usually, you can find them at any store such as Wal-mart, Target, Dollar General, etc.

Q: Do you accept all types of shoes?

A: Yes. in excellent condition and according to season. 

Q: Do you accept stuffed animals?

A: Due to sanitary reasons, we do not accept stuffed animals unless they are battery operated, Build a Bear, or Beenie Babies.

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