Consignor:  (a person selling items at the sale) will receive: 

  • 70% profit of your total sales less a $10.00 advertising fee for Consignors.
  • 75% profit of your total sales less a $10.00 advertising fee for all Helpers.
  • Admission to the Consignors’ Private Presale and 2 guest passes (with 20 acceptable items)
  • Track your sales daily with our system. 
  • You NOW will receive your checks within 2 weeks with our new barcoding system.

  • You will use the same consignor number for both sales, Kids and Adult sales, spring and fall.
  • You will also keep the same number once you register for all sales you participate in.  
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How do I participate for the first time?

1.  Register on the FREE ONLINE SYSTEM HERE with your name, address, email address, etc.

2.  As you register, you will choose a 3 digit number as your consignor number.  You will use this number each time you participate in an All About Kids or All About Grownups Sale. If you cannot find an acceptable number, please email us and we will assign one.

3. Please visit What We Accept, Consignor Page for Important Information.

4.  To tag your items, please visit Entering/Attaching Tags for instructions on tagging.

5. Be sure each sale to check out the What's New Page.

6. If you have questions as you prepare your items, please let us know.

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