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                                 PRIVATE SALE for VOLUNTEERS
                       FRIDAY MARCH 24TH. 

                         4:30PM FRIDAY 3/24
                          5:00PM SHOPPING




*Earn an Extra 5% by Volunteering*

    Be sure to check out the "What's New" page for changes

How do I become a Volunteer?                                        

   If You Are a Consignor ..       

1. Register (if you have not already) or Sign in (if you have already registered) on the Online System.

2. Sign in, click VOLUNTEER at the bottom of your home page

3. Select a shift that best fits your schedule

NOTE: if you need to split your shifts, please email me with your dates and times~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'm NOT a consignor but a shopper and would like to be a HELPER... 

     Volunteers Only... 

1.Go into the
ONLINE SYSTEM HERE & Register in the online system.  Then it will take you to your home page.  Click VOLUNTEER ONLY at the bottom of the page

2.  Choose the shift that best fits your schedule.
3. An email confirmation will be sent to you



                                               WE NEED YOU! 

 NOW- as a Volunteer, you will recieve 75% of your profit instead of 70% (see requirements below)  Our sale can only work smoothly and efficiently as long as we have you!    you DON'T need to be a consignor to volunteer!

                                           What's required to be a Volunteer?                                            Choose 1 of the following:
  • ~ work 4 hour shift 
  • ~work 2 - 2 hour shifts (please contact for this option)

2.   Work MANDATORY breakdown


1.You must show up for your shift or you will only receive 50% of your profit - NO EXCEPTIONS.
2. You must follow through with bringing the meal or snack on the appropriate day/time or you will only receive 50% of your profit.
3. If you shop Helper's sale but do not show up for your shift, you will only receive 50% of your profit.
4. If you do NOT show up for Mandatory Break-down, you will only receive 50% profit, even if you worked your shift.
5. If you are unable to meet your obligated shift, YOU must find a replacement and contact us with your replacement info.
6. If you are not a consignor and shop the helper sale, but do not show up for your shift or breakdown, you will not be permitted to Help with our future sale.
7. You must sign a Helper agreement at your shift or at the HELPER SALE stating that you understand the guidelines (will be provided for you when you arrive).                                                                  
8. You must sign in before your  shift.                                                               














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