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Both Sales at Once!!!!

We will be using a new place for drop off.
Instead of the store front next to where we have the actual sale we will be using the store front at the end of the complex where there is a ramp with easier access.  So just drive on down further to the end and you can park around the corner if you like and grab a rack!
There will be signs!!!

We have decided to try a new concept so bear with us. We appreciate all input and comments. Your help and patience will be greatly appreciated. We strive to do our best for our consignors and helpers. Without you we cannot do this.
We greatly appreciate you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ******WE WILL BE CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS******

There will be a 2 week sale in which the first week will be regular price.
Starting April 1st. 50% week will begin.  We will be having 2 days at 60% off starting Friday April 7th. Saturday April 8th is the final sale day at 60% off and break down will begin. 
Pick up Day is Thursday April 13th 1p-6p
Wednesday April 12th is by Appointment only


Breakdown will be different this this sale.  If you volunteer you
in order to shop early and get your 5%.

When scheduling your work times please pick the 4 hour shift and which breakdown time you will be working on the online volunteer schedule. ***

If you are going out of town and need an earlier drop off time or day      PLEASE CONTACT US TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS.

$Earn Extra Money$
By working a 4 hr. EXTRA SHIFT during high priority time or an ADDITIONAL BREAKDOWN SHIFT you will earn 80% on your sales. Make sure to talk with us if there are any questions!!!

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